Apple Acknowledges Wireless Performance Issues with Macs Using External USB 3.0 Devices

“This can happen if certain external USB 3.0 devices are too close to your Mac”

Apple has released an advisory for owners of Mac Pro, Mac mini, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro computers experiencing connectivity issues with their Bluetooth-enabled peripherals.

The notice on Apple’s Support site reveals that Bluetooth-enabled keyboards and mice may fail to pair or connect consistently in the presence of “certain external USB 3.0 devices.” Audio gear is also affected – “speakers may be choppy,” according to the documentation.

The Cupertino giant says this can happen if said external USB 3.0 devices are “too close to your Mac.”

The (obvious) resolution is to “Try moving external USB 3.0 devices further away from the computer, and away from your external Bluetooth devices.”

Apple offers an example where the user might want to try moving an external USB 3.0 hard drive to another side of their Mac. Users also need to ensure that all USB cables are connected in a proper manner, adding that “Better shielded USB 3.0 cables may also be helpful.”

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