AppGratis Is Not Going Down, Asks You to Tell Apple What You Think

“The AppGratis saga goes well beyond our personal existence as a company”

AppGratis is not going down. That’s the message sent out by Simon Dawlat, CEO of the company whose app was recently pulled from the iTunes App Store after Apple’s swift decision to enforce existing guidelines.

Rejected over two contractual clauses between Apple and third-party developers, AppGratis wants your support. The company calls upon 12 million iOS customers who love Apple just as much as they do free apps.

CEO Simon Dawlat has released a personal statement on the AppGratis blog, saying he’s not giving up without a fight.

“When 4 years of hard work are threatened. When hundreds of reports of your death are flying around. When the haters suddenly reveal their true faces […] We needed a vote of confidence […] Is our work useful to you?,” asks the company.

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