Anti-Glare iMacs On the Way

G-Tech reportedly supplying the goods for Apple’s all-in-one PCs

Apple is reportedly gearing up to release new all-in-one iMac computers with anti-reflective displays. The company’s products have been both praised and criticized for their shiny screens that sometimes impede movie watching, reading text etc., in well-lit areas.

G-Tech is reportedly ramping up its production capacity of cover glass as it prepares to take up almost a third of total cover glass orders for Apple's iPads in 2012, an industry estimate has churned up.

Nothing too exciting about this. However, the same report also throws in this interesting tidbit: “G-Tech is also expected to supply AR (anti-reflective) glass solutions for Apple's all-in-one (AIO) PCs with the new products to also serve as a growth driver for G-Tech, indicated industry sources.”

Apple’s all-in-one PC is, of course, the iMac.

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