Another Apple Executive Resigns

Cupertino loses VP of Global Security, John Theriault

One of the numerous executives departing Apple this year is John Theriault, VP of Global Security, according to people familiar with the company headquartered at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California.

The exec’s departure is reportedly tied to the loss of an iPhone 4S test unit earlier this year, a scenario that almost fully replicated the iPhone 4 prototype fiasco from 2010. Whether or not Theriault was forced out of the company remains unknown.

Theriault joined Apple in 2007. He had previously served as the Chief Security Officer and as a Vice President at Pfizer Inc.

Theriault was also a special agent with the FBI. During his time at Apple, he led an anti-counterfeit team in a fight against China’s counterfeit product market. He reported directly to Apple Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Bruce Sewell.

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