Angela Ahrendts Is Apple’s Future CEO, Says Marc Benioff

Salesforce boss says Ahrendts is Tim Cook’s most important hire

Cloud computing behemoth Marc Benioff has fired off a very interpretable tweet regarding Apple’s recent hire in the Retail division. According to Benioff, Angela Ahrendts is on her way to become the CEO of Apple.

Marc Russell Benioff is the founder, chairman, and CEO of, a cloud computing company. He’s got numerous ties to the IT industry, so it’s safe to say he knows more about what’s going on in Silicon Valley than you and me. But how much does he know exactly?

Benioff tweeted this week, “I just saw Future Apple CEO @AngelaAhrendts on her farewell @Burberry tour! The most important hire Tim Cook has ever made!”

As many of you will recall, Apple this month announced the hiring of Angela Ahrendts (from Burberry). An experienced woman with an eye for aesthetics, Ahrendts will be leading Apple’s retail operations.

While Benioff might have meant to say she’s suitable for the role, it begs the question: is Apple preparing to fire Tim Cook?

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