American Retailers Are Killing Apple’s Black Friday

Best Buy, Amazon and others are teaching Apple a thing or two about discounts

Black Friday is on everybody’s lips today. If you’re rushing to get a deal on Apple gear, such as the new iPad 4 with Retina display, or even a MacBook Pro, the Cupertino giant is offering minimal discounts. Third-party retailers, on the other hand, are much more generous.

Retailers in the United States are not shy of showing Apple how it’s done. While the Cupertino company is slashing just 40 bucks off iPads, Best Buy is selling the tablet computer at a $60 discount.

In the notebook department, Amazon is beating Tim Cook & Co. by quite a margin. While the real Mac makers are discounting their laptops just $100, the online retailer is slashing an extra $70. A no brainer for customers who’ve set out to upgrade to a Retina display MacBook Pro, for example.

These are just a couple of examples found in a comprehensive list of killer U.S. Black Friday deals comprised by the folks at 9to5mac. Give it a glance. Happy shopping!

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