Amazon App Gets iOS 7 Redesign

Online retailer includes numerous bug fixes with new iOS release

AMZN Mobile LLC has released an updated version of its Amazon App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users.

Available as a free download from the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad, Amazon App version 3.1.2 comes with a complete UI overhaul matching the look and feel of Apple’s “flat” iOS 7.

The software sports an overall cleaner design, but its interface is also more washed out now (like iOS 7 itself), as a result of the visual update.

Version 3.1.2 also includes a number of bug fixes addressing complaints from some users with old-generation devices. To download Amazon App and use it on an iDevice, all you need is iOS 5 and an App Store account (plus an Amazon account, in order to actually do some shopping.

Most iPhones and iPads are supported, as well as some of the newer iPod touch players.

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