Amazing Steve Jobs Speech from 1983 Resurrected – Download MP3

Conference attendees were given cassette recordings, one of which got leaked

In 1983, Steven Jobs gave a talk at the International Design Conference in Aspen (IDCA), where the soon-to-be iconic figure dished out his impressions about technology, personal computing, and where it was all headed.

LifeLiberyTech offers a comprehensive set of highlights from Jobs’ speech, such as the fact that computers are like magic (referring to their ability to carry out vast computations in seconds). Jobs ultimately pursued the term “magical” to market the iPad.

He predicted that people would end up spending more time interacting with personal computers than with their cars, which was also spot-on, and that we’d be getting email through radio connections.

Jobs believed that the world in 1983 was on a “first date” with computing, and that in time things would evolve to make this relationship a comfortable one.

He truly believed Apple could one day deliver a portable computer that connected to the world through radio waves, and he foresaw the first applicable versions of Siri about a decade from where he stood.

All insane predictions for that time, keep in mind folks. Download the mp3 here.

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