Amazing Steve Jobs Doll Sells for $200 / €150, Ships Worldwide

Japanese company tests Apple’s patience with new action figure

Although Apple is known to frown upon all things that use Steve Jobs’ likeness, one Japanese company is putting the Mac maker’s nerves to the test with the launch of a new action figure depicting the iconic tech genius.

The doll is pretty cool and indeed bears a striking resemblance to the late visionary Steve Jobs, but Apple does not approve of such things. Nor does the Jobs family itself.

Japan’s Legend Toys says this is actually its first product. Designed by a guy referred to as “Mr. Kato,” who is allegedly a sculptor, the Steve Jobs action figure is 12 inches high and comes with various accessories, including an armchair, an apple, and a miniaturized iPad (probably sold separately).

The collectible is aimed at true Apple fans, and Legend Toys is trying to milk it for all it can. $200 / €150 for 12 inches of plastic certainly puts a new spin on the term “profit margin.”

If you’ve always wanted one, hurry up and order. It might not be available for very long. Apple’s lawyers could be throwing legal jargon at Legend Toys as you’re reading these lines.

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