All OS X Apps Could Work on Linux One Day Through “Darling”

Promising project hopes to open the Mac App Store to Linux users

A new effort on behalf of a Czech Republic developer aims to open the Mac App Store to Linux users, effectively doing for the open source community what Wine does for the Mac – run Windows apps.

Led by Luboš Doležel, a Linux developer based in the Czech Republic, Darling is an open source Darwin / OS X emulation layer for Linux whose aim is “to achieve binary compatible support for Darwin / OS X applications on Linux, plus provide useful tools that will aid especially in application installation.”

Doležel has coded a quick “HelloWorld” to let out some proof and he hopes to attract code-savvy individuals to make it into a full-fledged tool for running Mac apps on Linux. Interested? Check out the Darling github page, as well as the wiki.

And if it does become a reality, let’s hope Apple allows it to fledge unharmed.

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