Air Travelers Prefer iOS Over Android, Study Shows

Tablets and smartphones beat laptops 30,000 feet in the air, reports Gogo

A pioneer in wireless in-flight digital entertainment solutions, Gogo has released the results of a recent study according to which Apple’s iDevices are the most popular choice among air travelers looking to stay entertained as they wait to reach their destination.

“When it comes to staying connected at 30,000 feet, tablets and smartphones now make up a whopping 67 percent of the devices being used to connect to the Internet through Gogo's in-air network,” the company reports.

The preferred device is obviously the tablet, which takes 35 percent, followed by laptops (at 33 percent). Smartphones are almost just as popular (32 percent).

Of all brands, Apple is the most popular, says Gogo. The company’s iPhones and iPads reportedly “still reign supreme above the clouds, with the iPad being the device of choice to connect in air.”

84 percent of the devices used for in-flight entertainment are powered by Apple’s iOS operating system. Only 16 percent of those use Google’s Android OS.

Looking at Apple devices only, Gogo reports that “59 percent of passengers connect using the iPad, 36 percent using the iPhone and 5 percent using the iPod touch.”

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