Ahead of OS X Mavericks Release, Apple Shows You How to Erase and Install OS X

Tutorial on using OS X Recovery to erase your computer and reinstall the system

Apple this week has updated a Support document relating to erasing and installing OS X, offering useful tips for using Recovery, Disk Utility, and more.

KB article HT5943 says you normally don’t need to erase your disk to reinstall OS X, as the installer is “designed to allow you to perform an install in place if you are troubleshooting.”

However, if you absolutely must do hard disk erase you can use Disk Utility, says Apple. The updated document arrives weeks (perhaps days) ahead of the planned OS X Mavericks release.

The Cupertino giant offers some steps to follow “if you need to erase a disk before installing OS X.” Not surprisingly, the guide starts off with the requirement to be connected to the Internet.

“OS X includes a built-in Recovery system that you can use to reinstall Mac OS X, repair a disk, restore from a Time Machine backup, and more,” Apple says.

The company seems determined to prevent any issues during the Mavericks upgrade, which may be just around the corner.

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