Adobe Adds Retina Support for AIR Apps in Flash Player 11.6.602.155 Beta

Developers can now target their AIR application to use in hiDPI displays on supported Macs

Adobe has released new versions of Flash Player and AIR so that developers can target their AIR application to use in Retina (hiDPI) display on supported Macs.

Flash Player 11.6.602.155 Beta supports Mac Retina (hiDPI) displays for Adobe AIR applications, according to the latest release notes.

Applications will render at the native resolution by enabling the “Retina support AIR.” Adobe clarifies that “On Macs supporting Retina display the application will render at high resolution.”

A File API update enables developers to mark files with preventBackup attribute, which disables them from getting backed up to iCloud.

Developers can also store data that can be downloaded again or regenerated in the /Library/Caches directory in accordance with Apple’s recommendations, thanks to the introduction of File.cacheDirectory. This and lots more can be found in the new Flash Player and AIR updates from Adobe.

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