75,000 Educational Apps Now Available on iOS

Over 60 percent of iTunes U app downloads originate from outside the US

In a press statement announcing 1 billion iTunes U downloads, Apple reveals that its iOS App Stores host more than 75,000 educational apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

Apple this week issued a press release announcing that iTunes U had reached 1 billion downloads, which includes learning materials for iOS devices.

In addition to the thousands of individual iTunes U courses now available in 155 countries, the iOS App Store itself offers over 75,000 educational apps, Apple has confirmed.

The entire App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch hosts around 800,000 apps in total, including games and utility apps, according to another recent announcement from Cupertino, California.

“Additionally, with the free iBooks Author app on the Mac App Store, writers and publishers continue to bring ideas and stories to life sharing more than 10,000 original Multi-Touch books with the world,” Apple also confirmed in its February 28 statement.

Lastly, Apple revealed that over 60 percent of iTunes U app downloads originate from outside the United States, “giving schools of any size the ability to share their content with a worldwide audience.”

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