7 Years in Prison for the Guy Who Raided Steve Jobs’ Home in 2012

Kariem McFarlin had no idea that Jobs’ iDevices could lead police to him

Kariem McFarlin, a 35-year-old former San Jose State University football player  was given a seven-year sentence this week for burglarizing a number of Bay Area homes, including the one owned by the family of Steve Jobs last year.

McFarlin was confirmed as the burglar of several Bay Area houses after raiding the Jobs family home in Palo Alto. The thief reportedly ran away with $60,000 worth of Tiffany & Co. jewelry, as well as Steve Jobs’ driving license (probably to sell it on eBay) and some iDevices.

The guy had no idea that by connecting Jobs’ Apple gear to iTunes investigators would be able to identify him using an IP address. Inside Bay Area reports that, “Technology that Jobs helped create led to McFarlin's capture.”

After gathering additional evidence, the police arrested him at his Alameda apartment on August 2.

Prosecutors this week determined that McFarlin is responsible for seven other burglaries in Alameda, Marin and San Francisco counties. He could end up serving just half of his seven-year sentence if his behavior is good.

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