5-Year-Old Spends £1,700 / $2,500 on iTunes, Apple Agrees to Refund Family

Danny Kitchen unknowingly downloaded thousands of dollars’ worth of apps

A 5-year-old boy from Bristol, UK has managed to rack up a £1,700 / $2,500 / €1960 bill on iTunes causing his parents a lot of stress after accidentally purchasing several apps.

As the story goes, Danny Kitchen, the son of Sharon and Greg Kitchen, was in the mood for some gaming this past weekend, so he asked his father to punch in the family’s iTunes App Store password so he could download a free app.

Apparently the app wasn’t as free as Danny boy thought it was. A few other taps later, Apple had charged the family’s iTunes account a whopping £1,700 / $2,500 in App Store downloads.

Speaking to the BBC, Mrs. Kitchen said their son understood his wrongdoing and even shed a few tears after the incident. The parents were unaware at the time that iOS, the underlying operating system of the iPad, offers parental controls that can restrict youngsters from downloading iTunes content.

According to the British news agency, Apple has been informed of the incident and has agreed to refund the family.

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