300 Million iDevice Users Installed iOS 6 in Five Months

Some numbers dished out by Apple in the iOS 6.1 press release

Apple strangely rolled out a press release with its iOS 6.1 software update release confirming one key addition in the software - LTE for 36 extra carriers - as well as some exciting numbers.

It’s actually not that strange that they decided to issue a press statement alongside the iOS 6.1 download. Apple had some numbers to brag about, and you can’t do that in a changelog, can you now?

In the announcement, Apple confirmed that “iOS users have uploaded over nine billion photos to Photo Stream, sent over 450 billion iMessages and received over four trillion notifications.”

I get the iMessages part, and even the Photo Stream bit. But who’s counting notifications? Anyway, a more important statistic is dished out as well (emphasis ours).

According to Philip Schiller, Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing, “iOS 6 is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, and with nearly 300 million iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices on iOS 6 in just five months, it may be the most popular new version of an OS in history.”

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