2013 iPod touch First Look – Video

Watch an unboxing video of the latest iPod touch model from Apple

Ben Pasternak is one of the first lucky owners of the 2013 iPod touch, a revision of the 5th-generation of big-screen players from Apple which lacks a few features in exchange for a lower price point.

The video above was shot by Ben to show the player in action.

Sold for $229/€229, the new iPod touch can be regarded as a “budget” version of the original 5th-generation iPod touch.

While it retains some of the key features originally intended for the device, the new model drops a few ones to make it more accessible to the mainstream.

For example, the camera on the back is no longer present in this new iteration. The “loop” that usually accompanies iPod touch players inside the box is not available either, and the color options have been restricted to a single choice – Grey (with a black front).

The storage is also cut in half, from 32GB to just 16GB. That, of course, isn’t much of a problem for most people. The design is identical to the original 5G model.

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