2013 “Budget” iPhone Case Showed on Video

Case design seems to suggest the phone is thicker, has rounded corners

Asian case maker MGM Corporation is flashing an iPhone enclosure that the company says is destined for Apple’s 2013 budget iPhone. The case (if accurate) gives away some of the phone’s design particularities.

By no means should this tidbit be considered a confirmation regarding the design of Apple’s rumored low-cost iPhone, but we feel compelled to keep our readers informed with all the latest developments in the Far East. After all, that’s where all the leaks come from.

MGM Corporation reportedly got its hands on the design specifications for Apple’s budget iPhone and went ahead to make cases for the handset, to get a head start in the crowded accessory business.

In the video embedded above, the person holding the case carefully mounts an iPhone 5 inside, showing a clear difference in thickness, as well as some round corners. Take it with a grain of salt.

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